Once upon a time...



So for today’s last call out I chose to use orange and pink and boy what a combo it is.  I love how these blocks turned out...so warm and fiery.  

Can you believe it’s the last call out for our QAL.  I am so sad that we are almost done but feel so good about my little stack of gems.  I have learned so much from Susan’s book and I will definitely carry them onto my quilting journey.  This QAL is not quite over yet,  we have to create the quilt next so stay tuned for my finished quilt reveal.  I can’t wait to lay these all out and come up with a layout.  I love Susan’s layout but I have been surfing the Blockheads Facebook page and have been inspired by a lot of your layouts.  I have a few ideas in mind and can’t wait to show you my final pick.  Happy Sewing everyone! #showmethemoda, #modafabrics, #stacyiesthsufabrics, #samplerspreeqal, #jungleparadise


Today’s call out is blacks/grays.  Because I don’t have black or gray in this collection I decided to do multi-color blocks for this week because when you mix all the colors together they make black or gray.  I love love love how these blocks turned out.  It truly celebrates this collection.  Hope this adds some cheer to your day like it does mine!  #showmethemoda, #modafabrics, #stacyiesthsufabrics, #samplerspreeqal, #jungleparadise


We are coming to the end of summer here in California and my kids will be headed off to school next week(two high schoolers and one middle schooler...it’s going to be an interesting year).  We are trying to hold onto those summer vibes and enjoy every last minute of unscheduled time.  To keep the summer time vibes going, I chose dark green for my blocks this week.  I love green, and dare say it is my favorite color.  I just love how these blocks turned out, so rich and lush.  Hope you are enjoying your last bits of summer!  #showmethemoda, #modafabrics, #stacyiesthsufabrics, #samplerspreeqal, #jungleparadise


It’s the last week of July and we are just chugging right along!  Today’s call out is Purple/coral/pink.  Because I don’t have some of these colors and I already have done pink, so I decided to do pink and green.  There is such a wide variety of blocks because of the different shades of pink and green in this collection.  Hope you enjoy the variety!  #showmethemoda, #modafabrics, #stacyiesthsufabrics, #samplerspreeqal, #jungleparadise


We have just passed the halfway mark...how are you guys doing?  I have to say I have been dreaming about ways to lay these little gems out when I am all finished.  

So today since I do not have navy blue in my Jungle Paradise collection, I chose to do an aqua and orange combo.  I love how it turned out!  I do have an admission...one of the blocks has a mistake and I could have changed it but I like the way it turned out and I kept it.  That’s the beauty of a QAL,  there are no rules : ).  Have a wonderful day!  #showmethemoda, #modafabrics, #stacyiesthsufabrics, #samplerspreeqal, #jungleparadise