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Blockheads 3 Block #10 Windmill

Hi Everyone!  Today is my turn to share my block Windmills.  I am super excited because this block has a little bit of a story behind it’s inspiration.  To download the pattern to my block click HERE. You can also download it from the block image below.

This last summer my family and I took a trip to Europe.  One of our stops was the Netherlands. It was great to go to Amsterdam but my favorite stop was right outside of Amsterdam where there is a grouping of some old large windmills.  I loved it! Not only because it’s impressive but because my family is from the Netherlands. My mother was born there along with her 8 brothers and sisters. When she was around 5 years old, their family was sponsored by a church and they moved to America along with thousands of other folks and settled in Southern California where there were a lot of other dutch immigrant families.  When they moved to America, my grandfather had to do multiple jobs just to provide for his family but when he had time, the one thing he loved to do was carpentry and one of the things that he made was small replicas of the large windmills from Holland. Word spread and he started making windmills for other dutch families and they would put them in their front yards. He made all different sizes and colors.  Below is an example of the windmills he made. My mom is the little girl on the right with four of her brothers and sisters. This block is an ode to my dutch heritage and a tribute to my grandfather. 

Here are a couple of pictures of the Windmills we saw.  The trip was so inspiring to me. There was also a working farm near the Windmills that inspired my latest collection On The Farm.  The collection is a celebration of animals on the farm. It is a fusion of a farm in Holland and the MidWest all wrapped into one. If you look closely you might find a tiny windmill in one of the prints.   

Also, stop by MY STORE to save 20% off everything until Sunday.  I know a lot of us are home bound and looking for things to do. Hopefully these bundles will inspire. There is no better therapy than sewing and crafting.


Thanks for stopping by my blog and reading my story.  Wishing all of you patience and good health during this time.



Here is my alternate block pattern for the Love block by Brigitte Heitland.  You can download by clicking the arrow in the top right corner of the pattern image below or you can  DOWNLOAD THE PATTERN HERE.

Birdhouse (Alternate pattern)

I have created an alternate version of Birdhouse and want to share how I made it and the pattern.  I really love this square because outside of Blockheads 3 it can be used for many other projects like a pillow or tote.  The block takes a little time to make but it is so much fun and the results are super adorable. The pattern is 12" and can not be scaled down.  You can click the little arrow on the top right corner of the pattern below to down load the alternate pattern.   YOU CAN ALSO DOWNLOAD PATTERN HERE.

Here are some photos and tips on how I created this block!

I cut all my blocks out according to the measurements on the pattern.

Using the Stitch and Flip method describe on page 6 of the instructions I created the leaves and then sewed them together.

I used the Stitch and Flip and Half Square Triangle technique for the wings and body and then sewed the pieces together.

I did the same for the heard and chest of the bird.

Here is the assembly of the beak.

Now you assemble the units.

Then you sew the two birds together.

You have created a 12" (finished) and 12 1/2" (unfinished) Birdhouse Block.  Hope you have fun!  Again click HERE for the pattern.


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Block #46 On Point Star

I am so excited to introduce block #46, On Point Star.  It is just weighs in at 6" and it is just the sweetest block.  You can download the block here .

Also, here is the layout as of now after block #46.  I am using the modern layout for my quilt.  It is currently at the quilters and I can't wait to share the finished product with you when reveal the final block.  Have a fantastic day!

Blockhead #33 Star Power

Happy Blockheads day!  Today is my block 33 Star Power.  I had so much fun designing this block and hope you have fun making it.  You can download the pattern here .  Have a fantastic day!  #showmethemoda, #modafabrics, #bockheads2, #stacyiesthsufabrics.