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Kitty Caddy and Puppy Pouch

I am so excited to share with you a fun little project I created using Woof Woof meow which will be in stores November 1.  This blog post as well as videos that I made with The Fat Quarter Shop will help you make these little cuties. 

Click on the link to the PDF Pattern and templates for the Kitty Caddy and Puppy Pouch HERE.  I hope you have as much fun making them as I did!

*Note: all seams are 1/4” unless otherwise stated.
**Note: use same instructions for puppy pouch using templates for puppy face, ears and bone pincushion

*Note: all seams are 1/4” unless otherwise stated.
**Note: use same instructions for puppy pouch using templates for puppy face, ears and bone pincusion


1. With the zipper pull at the top, place long edge of piece M on Left side of zipper, right side facing right side of zipper. (NOTE: The zipper is longer than
the fabric intentionally. the fabric should be centered in the length of the zipper with the zipper-pull out of the way). Use binding clips or pins to hold
in place. Install the zipper foot and move the the needle to the edge. Stitch next to the zipper teeth on the left side along the entire length of fabric.
2. Fold fabric over and press fabric away from zipper.
3. Again with the zipper pull at the top, place long edge of piece L on right side of zipper, right side facing right side of zipper. Use binding clips or pins
to hold in place. Move the the needle to the edge. Stitch next to the zipper teeth on the left side along the entire length of fabric
4. Fold fabric over and press fabric away from zipper.
5. Top stitch along pressed seam on both sides of zipper.

6. Pull zipper tab to center of compartment. Clip excess zipper on each side. Make a small stitch on each end of zipper so that the zipper does not come apart.

7. Place piece N behind zipper compartment, right side facing wrong side of zipper compartment front. If necessary, trim excess fabric from piece N to fit the zipper compartment. This will be your lining. Using the longest stitch length on your sewing machine, baste top edge together to hold in place.

1. You will need 1” bias tape folded(when folded it will be 1/2”) for the edge of pocket K. See The Fat Quarter Shop video on how to make BIAS TAPE.
2. Cut a piece of 1” bias tape folded, 8” long.
3. Place folded bias tape between top long edge of piece K and top stitch along bottom edge of bias tape to create a trim for your pocket.
4. To create the pocket, mark a line from top to bottom of K at the half way point (4”) and then at 6 ” with a washable fabric pen. You can also customize your pockets to the size that works best for you.
5. Put K on top of right side of J bottom edge and pin in place. Stitch down on lines of piece K with both pieces together to create pockets.

1. Pin right sides together, top edge of zipper compartment and bottom edge of middle pocket compartment and sew together. Press open seams.
2. Pin right sides together, top edge of middle pocket to bottom straight edge of O(non kitty piece) and sew together. Press open seams.
3. Hand sew snap or velcro 1” from top curved edge of piece O.
You have now created your interior panel. Now we will set this aside and work on the exterior panel.

1. Using the Kitty Face template, embroider the kitty face onto the second O piece. To see how I embroidered the face and get some helpful tips, watch the video on The Fat Quarter Shop site on how to EMBROIDER FACE OF KITTY CADDY.
2. Once you have finished embroidering the face, using the interfacing instructions, put piece Q on the wrong side of piece O and fuse.
1. Place right sides together of G and sew around ear leaving bottom straight edge open.
2. Cut excess fabric. Turn inside out and press.
3. Repeat steps 1-2 for H pieces.
1. Use the interfacing instructions to put the fusible interfacing (piece I) on the back of piece P.
1. Place kitty (piece O) and ears to straight edge, right side of kitty face 1” from both edges.
2. Place short edge of P on top of Q and ears right sides together and sew together. Press open with an iron.
3. Hand sew other side of the snap to the bottom of piece P 2 ” from bottom.

1. Place interior and exterior pieces wrong sides together matching seams and pin in place.
2. Top stitch above and below each matching seam (NOTE: Remember not to top stitch over the kitty ears. You will have to move them after you top stitch one
3. Place your pincushion mouse tail on the left edge of your interior pocket section. See the video on how to make a MOUSE PINCUSHION on The Fat Quarter Shop.
4. Using the longest stitch on your sewing machine, sew around entire kitty caddy to keep everything in place.
5. Use the remaining bias tape you made to bind the kitty caddy. Unfold the bias tape and pin along the exterior panel edge leaving some excess bias tape to
finish binding.
6. Sew around entire kitty caddy leaving about 2” not sewn. Using the excess bias tape match right sides together and sew together so that it fits the length of
the un sewn portion of the binding. Clip excess bias tape. Pin down flat on the un sewn bias tape on the exterior side and sew down to close off binding.
7. Fold the bias tape up and over to the interior and stitch in place by hand or machine, mitering the corners.


Favorite Notions

I had the privilege of filming with the Fat Quarter Shop a while back and had the opportunity to talk about my favorite notions.  I know everyone has done their Black Friday shopping and now settling in to sew some gifts for the holidays, right?  Perhaps some of these notions will help you with your projects. 

P.S. I know you all see that super cute Kitty Caddy in the bottom left corner.  Stay tuned for more on this cute project.


ebook All in a Row Again Winner!!!!

Mr. Pibb wanted to help announce the winner of the All in a Row Again ebook.  And the winner is Susan Spiers.  I will make sure that you receive your ebook right away.  I want to thank all the people that participated in this contest.  I loved reading all your comments!  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week! #stacyiesthsu #showmethemoda #modafabrics #martingale #allinarowagain 



Moda All Stars

Moda All-Star:  All in a Row Again Blog Hop

I am so excited to be a part of The Moda All Star, All In a Row Again book.  I had so much fun designing this row and hope you enjoy combining it with other rows to make your own creation.

I love all the rows and they match every designers personality.  I do have a few favorite rows in the book though.  My first favorite is Kate Spain’s Barn Cute.  I just love the whole concept of the barn quilt and think it is just the neatest thing to do.  My dad is a farmer in California and my mom and I think his barn would be perfect for a barn quilt.

Another favorite is Autumn Wind by Kathy Schmitz.  I just love the block design and those embroidered birds with the acorns are absolutely perfect.  I have just started to play around with embroidery and can only dream of being as good as Kathy.

Sandy Klop is someone who make everyone smile and she manages to do it with the Beach Houses row.  I love how she created the water and the little beach house are just so cute.  I love the beach and this row just makes me want to take a drive over the hill and walk on the sand.

So this is probably what everyone has been waiting for.   Martingale is providing one of my readers with a free E-book version of All in a Row Again.  All you need to do is let me know what your favorite type row quilt is such as nursery, holidays, seasonal etc. I will choose a winner from the comments below and announce the winner Monday November 20th.  Make sure to also visit


Also visit Laurie Simpson as she shares her row today.

Make sure to go to the All in a Row Facebook page, where they will be hosting a series of giveaways throughout the blog hop, as well as sharing everyone’s blog post (the giveaways include 10 prizes plus 3 extra-BIG prizes from Martingale and Moda!). The Facebook page link is here: https://www.facebook.com/allinarowquiltalong/

Although I super excited about being a part of this book and sharing my designs, the part I am most excited about is that this book supports such a wonderful cause.  Give Kids the World Village helps children with life-threatening illnesses enjoy weeklong, cost-free vacations with their families. Together, the designers are donating royalties from the book’s sales to benefit this charity. It's such an honor to be a part of this!


Howdy Draw String Bag

In the Spring I had the pleasure of shooting some videos with the Fat Quarter Shop.  I was especially excited to share this fun project.  These little draw string bags are perfect for your little ones to carry their Howdy dolls as well as their accessories.  They also make a perfect gift wrap.  Functional and eco friendly!  Take a look at these photos and check out this video on how to make them!